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Îôèöèàëüíûé ñàéò ÐàÏàí - Ìàëîýòàæíîå äîìîñòðîåíèå, ïðîäàæà äîìîâ, äîì â êðåäèò


Buildings, constructed using RaPan technologies, are designed and erected in conformity with construction regulations of (RUS standard) 31-02-2001 “Residential single-family houses” and building acts of 31-105-2002 "Design and construction of energy-saving timber framed residential single-family houses”.

Basic Advantages

RaPan technology buildings have some advantage over traditionally constructed buildings:

Fast pace of construction (150 m2 of the house during 5-7 days) – erection of the assembly set is fulfilled by one constructing gang (6 persons) during 5-10 days on the average, depending on the construction volume, at the expense of all construction elements high grade of manufacture.

Construction without heavy building machinery. Used foundation features (light-weight, shallow), light weight and small size of the construction elements make it possible for 4-5 persons to construct a building using standard hand tools.

Simplicity and wide variety of internal and external finishing works. On the constructions surface various finishing works are possible: brick facing, artificial and natural stone facing, various curtain walls, brick and concrete painting, decoration plaster, siding, blockhouse battering. No aligning or plastering of the panels is necessary.

Roofing materials are installed directly on the roof panels. Window and door openings are regular-shaped.


Interior finish may be: papering, painting, decorative panels or battening, plasterboard paneling, without substructure, for further painting or papering. The floor covering is installed right on the floor panels.

Good heat-insulating properties of the building envelope – properties of applied materials and design concept of the building nodes provide comfort conditions irrespective of ambient climatic conditions. Standard technical decisions are used for plumbing installation.

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