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Îôèöèàëüíûé ñàéò ÐàÏàí - Ìàëîýòàæíîå äîìîñòðîåíèå, ïðîäàæà äîìîâ, äîì â êðåäèò


Group of companies RaPan offers cooperation in organization of industrialized building of prefabricated low energy houses assembly sets, using as main structural components composite thermally insulated panels RaPan, meeting the requirements of the specifications
TU 5366-001-54083838-2006

Analysis of modern market of real estate objects construction enables to reveal its general trends:

  • A great number of consumer segments – subjects of the Federal and Regional Programmes such as “Housing Certificates”, “Slum Dwelling”, “Northerners”, “Rural Development”, “Young Family” and  others, and individual developers in urban and rural areas.
  • Obvious shortage and rapidly increasing value of material resources, applied in traditional domestic construction technologies (brick, cement, concrete), that results in cost increase of completed housing development.
  • Relatively long construction according to domestic technologies.
  • Relatively high and increasing expenses on maintenance of buildings (residential and public buildings), made of traditional materials, that impedes effective solution of energy saving problems.
  • Statistically, for construction of about 80% of world low-rise buildings frame and panel technologies are used. Appliance of these technologies to the full extent solves the problem of reduction of construction and maintenance costs and provides affordability and high quality of dwelling.

Organization of  production of  prefabricated low energy houses using “RaPan” technology provides effective solution of such integrated problems as:

  • development and improvement of  waste territories in urban and rural areas, unsuitable for multistorey housing
  • increase of buildings rentable area of 15-25% as compared with traditional construction
  • rise of dwelling affordability for different social levels of the population
  • reduction of financial risks for financial institutes, realizing programmes of mortgage housing credits and, as a consequence, rise of this  service affordability for people
  • reduction of construction work terms (up to 2-3 months) at the expense of assembly sets high readiness and construction without heavy building equipment at almost any season of the year
resource-saving at the expense of  operating costs significant reduction.